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Night guards for a restful sleep

Do you wake up every morning with jaw pain? Chances are you might be clenching your teeth during the night without even realizing it. This is a common problem that can damage your teeth and disrupt your sleep. But don’t worry — there’s a solution. Our custom-crafted Wheaton dental mouth guards are key in safeguarding your smile and enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep.

With our night guards, you’ll wake up refreshed and with a healthier, brighter smile. Contact us today and enhance your overall well-being.

Safeguarding your smile against teeth grinding

When teeth grinding or clenching is left unaddressed, it can erode the structure of your teeth, causing sensitivity, pain, and even long-term dental problems. The good news is that our night guards provide an effective and affordable solution to this often underdiagnosed issue.

Benefits of night guards

  • Prevent the direct contact between your upper and lower teeth
  • Improve sleep quality by minimizing nighttime disturbances
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity and pain
  • Customized for comfort and a perfect fit
  • Preserve teeth structure, preventing costly dental repairs
  • Suitable for all ages, from children to adults
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What to expect during your appointment

Accurate Diagnoses

Comprehensive consultation where we discuss your dental concerns, sleep issues, and any signs of teeth grinding.

Comfort and Quality

Depending on your needs, we may schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your night guard continues to meet your requirements.


We’ll take an impression of your teeth and customize your night guard to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Financial Planning

We know that cost is a significant factor in dental care choices. We’ll work closely with you to discuss the estimated costs for night guards and explore financing options.

What you need to know about night guards

What is teeth grinding, and how do I know if I have it?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is the involuntary clenching or grinding of teeth, typically during sleep. If you wake up with jaw pain or have tooth sensitivity, you may be experiencing bruxism.

Why do I need a custom night guard?

Custom night guards provide a precise fit, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. Generic solutions often lack this level of personalization.

How long does a custom night guard last?

A well-maintained night guard can last several years, making it a cost-effective solution.

How do I care for my night guard?

We’ll provide detailed instructions. Generally, rinsing with cold water and storing it in its case when not in use will keep your night guard in great condition.

Why patients love Dental Design of Wheaton


“I can say that Dental Design of Wheaton offers quality dental service. From the person who greets you at the front desk with a great smile, to the people who assist you with any dental treatment or cleaning, they communicate very well with patients and are very understanding and friendly.”

— Roxanne R.

Payment Information

We accept insurance, though it’s important to note that coverage for night guards may differ based on your insurance policy. Rest assured, we’re more than happy to assist by verifying your plan and providing a clear breakdown of the estimated cost.

Our office accepts Cherry payment plans to make your treatment affordable and accessible. For more information, please call us at (301) 944-1001.

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