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Restoring your teeth with fillings is not an uncomfortable procedure, as many people may think. Dr. Shri Chopra is highly skilled and compassionate towards the comfort of all her patients. Combined with her gentle touch and advanced techniques in numbing patients, and using the most esthetic materials in dentistry, Dr. Chopra and the expert team at Dental Design of Wheaton can put your fears at ease. They are proud to serve people in Wheaton Maryland and are conveniently located near other Montgomery County neighborhoods like Silver Spring, Kensington, Aspen Hill, and Glenmont, and the surrounding DC metro area. Call her office today or book an appointment online to learn about your dental filling options.

Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings?

Bacteria causes decay, which creates holes in the tooth. In order to get the tooth back to its normal shape, and functioning normally,  those holes need to be filled. Thus, the term "filling."

It was once very common to have amalgam, gold, or other metal restorations put in the mouth. These restorations did have limitations, including poor cosmetic appearance.

Unfortunately, outside elements along with certain types of food and drink can severely impact metal fillings. Exposure to hot and cold can cause toothaches from sensitivity; the metal itself can shrink or even expand in your teeth, causing the filling to either get loose, get weak, or just come out altogether, requiring a new filling be placed quickly to prevent bacteria from entering the exposed area of the tooth.

A metal filling is also not aesthetically pleasing, but Dr. Chopra doesn’t want her patients to shy away from smiling or to feel uncomfortable with the fact of having metal in the mouth. These days with advancements in dental materials, strong and natural looking metal-free options are available. That’s why Dr. Chopra offers metal-free fillings.

What is a metal-free filling?

Metal-free, or tooth-colored dental fillings, or metal-free restorations, are typically crafted from composite materials, such as quartz or glass. That composite is mixed with a resin, creating a strong bond for your teeth. Structurally sound and not temperamental to hot or cold like metal fillings, composite fillings offer excellent durability, often times making your teeth stronger than before.

Benefits of metal-free fillings include:

  • Naturally bond to your teeth
  • Reduced likelihood of fillings coming loose
  • More durable than metal
  • Reduced chances of hot or cold sensitivity
  • More aesthetically-pleasing

When it comes to cosmetics, the beauty of metal-free fillings is they match the color of the rest of your teeth - so no one will be the wiser even if you require a filling on a front tooth.

How should I care for my teeth with fillings?

You should practice good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing twice a day and making routine visits to the dentist for professional cleanings and checkups. Dr. Chopra will keep an eye on the fillings during the checkups, but if you notice any sharp edges, cracks, or increased sensitivity, make an appointment for a checkup as soon as possible.  She will replace any old fillings if necessary, but if the damage has allowed further damage or debris to enter the tooth, further treatment may be necessary.

To discover how tooth colored or metal-free fillings can be right for you, contact Shri Chopra DDS or make an appointment online.