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Custom-made dentures are more than prosthetic devices. They give you back your smile, helping you speak, chew, and feel like yourself again. Dr. Shri Chopra and the team at Dental Design of Wheaton is skilled in the art of fitting and making dentures. Located in Wheaton, Maryland, the knowledgeable team is ready to help you look and feel your best again with a denture option that’s right for your lifestyle. The practice is conveniently located near other Montgomery County neighborhoods like Silver Spring, Kensington, Aspen Hill, and Glenmont. Book your consultation online or call today.

Dentures Q & A

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances for people that have lost some or all of their teeth. In many instances where implants are not possible due to finances or underlying health issues, dentures are wonderful options for restoring your smile, confidence, and the ability to speak, and chew.

From a cosmetics perspective, when you are missing a few or all of your teeth, the facial muscles can sag, making wrinkles more pronounced and making you look much older. Dentures can fill out the appearance of your face and improve the look of your profile, instantly, without complicated surgery. They can make you resemble your natural self and often, make you look better than ever

What denture options are available?

Dr Chopra's knowledgeable dental team at Dental Design of Wheaton offers numerous denture options for every situation, including dentures that are made of acrylic, flexible plastics, and dentures with a sturdy metal framework for those that need it. Note that all dentures are crafted to ensure optimal esthetics, and made to feel lightweight and comfortable in the mouth.

The three main types of dentures are:

  • Conventional: These dentures are made after any necessary teeth are extracted and the mouth is fully healed.
  • Immediate: These dentures are inserted the day that the teeth are removed. The benefits are that patients do not have to go without teeth. However, this type of denture may require more adjustments as the mouth undergoes the natural healing process.
  • Overdentures: This denture type fits over a small number of remaining teeth or implants (also referred to as implant supported denture). These remaining teeth provide support and stability to the prosthetic.

Can my dentures be repaired?

Shri Chopra DDS's licensed denturists can repair full or partial custom dentures while you wait or in a few hours, depending on the repairs needed. They can also evaluate loose or ill fitting dentures and help make them comfortable once again.

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